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"So I started working with the foundation as I wanted to coach and help kids that couldn’t normally afford or access camps or classes. When the foundation asked us if we would like to provide our services to run their camps and activities it was a no brainer. By creating camps and after school sessions the foundation gives young people a chance to access our coaching methods and we do our best to teach them new skills and introduce them to the great game that is Futsal. The Camden camp was special as I grew up playing football on the pitches at Castlehaven, Malden road and in Peckwater estate. I never had access to any decent coaching until I was a lot older, I just played on the streets with my mates from my block. Some stayed on the football/ sports path but most didn’t. I know we would have jumped at the opportunity to do something like this together. So to provide this service for young people in the community I grew up in means a lot. I want to continue to access as many young people as possible and hopefully encourage them to engage in a more healthy active lifestyle." -  Coach Shaz

"I want to express how wonderful it was for my 2 children and myself, having the Futsal Stars foundation team come and teach futsal at Castlehaven football pitch. The whole team were very professional, supportive, encouraging and engaging. I actually thought it would be the usual kick about, however I was pleasantly surprised with the level of skills they taught my boys and the other kids. Both my boys said, 'it was the best football session (paid and unpaid) they've had. Also, the togetherness that was nurtured on the day, between the kids and reassurance for the parents, was outstanding. Thanks again, for making the half term for the kids in the area an joyful time. All I am left to say is "please come back soon!!" - Tracey

"Me and my son always find it really difficult to find things to do in the half term and holidays; costs have gone up in everything and sometimes he just wants to be around other children. Ronnie really enjoyed the half term football session, he got on great with all the other children and really took a liking to yourselves, he learnt some great skills that he has been using in his football, he gained confidence with you guys, and he looked forward to coming back, which says enough on its own really. If you guys do manage to do anything over the up coming holidays please do met me know, as it was a pleasure last time. Take care and thank you for all you guys do for so many children. It doesn’t go un noticed." - Ronnie and mum

"This kind of charity is exactly what our town needs! It is amazing to have something that is not only so well organised but also so much fun for the kids. Thank you so much to all of organisers!" - Sian

"The coaching staff are friendly and approachable. The coaches are very understanding when it comes to my autistic son's neds, making him feel like one of the group. Thank you for helping my son's game improve, we hope to came back or the next one. Would highly recommend for any child with autism and learning needs. Thanks to Shaz for always pouting a smile on Ryan's face." - Dean Kearley

"It has been a pleasure to see such enthusiasm form our youngsters to take part in this scheme over the summer holidays. Friendships made, skills improved and I'm sure they've had an amazing 5 weeks. I can't wait to welcome back the Futsal Stars to Newhaven". - Lesley Boniface, Newhaven Town Mayor

"This summer camp has been amazing for my daughter! I wasn't sure how she'd like it but she's been engaged since day 1, she adores the staff down there and always comes back full of beans. The 6 weeks holiday is really long for young kids and this helps break it up and gives her something to look forward to. She stays active whilst having fun and has a lot less screen time. Being a single working parent I rarely have any money left over to do fun things with her. It also gives me time to myself to catch up on work or chores that need doing or just to simply sit and have a coffee in peace. With everything that's happened this last year it's been a God send for both our mental health." - Grace and mum

"My son really enjoys the activities, and from the descriptions he is giving me on the games and exercises they are doing they seem specifically designed to work on and improve his skills at football. This is very important to him, as he came to me earlier in the year, asking "why am I not as good at football as the other kids at school", sadly a large reason for this is that his father passed away 4 years ago, and in all female household, there happens not to be anyone with the knowhow to teach him, or discuss football with him. My son having this opportunity is therefore important to me, as I feel this is one of the things he has missed out on, having lost his father." - Anonymous

"He is excited to go as he has met new friends and says he really likes his coach Shaz. His skills are developing as he comes home and has to demonstrate his new moves he learnt that day . I feel it’s helping his emotional and social skills massively as he isn’t the strongest of kids in these areas , as previously flagged by his school . Whilst enabling him to have some fun whilst his development continues." - Katie

"All the staff are wonderful and the camp is so professionally run. I never worry about the kids safety whilst they are there."

"He loves seeing other children from surrounding schools and has made new friends he wouldn’t have otherwise. Because I work I have struggled to let him go to different activities after school so I am never quite sure what sports he likes and doesn’t. This has been a great way of investigating what sports he likes doing, so hopefully I can take that forward once the holidays have ended. He really has benefited from all the fresh air, exercise and socialising and seeing his friends. He is always happy to get ready to go in the mornings and very enthusiastic. If it were not for this scheme, he would have spent all those hours infront of the t.v whilst I work on my laptop in the kitchen, which would have been a real shame and bad for his physical and mental wellbeing. I do sometimes struggle with my sons weight as the more he is home, the more he snacks and the less exercise he does. Since covid, weight gain has become much more of an issue, so having a physical, sporty activity that covers 5 weeks of the holidays has been an absolute life saver and helped keep him physically active and staving off weight gain. It also allows me to know he is happy and enjoying himself as well so I don’t have to worry about any recluse issue" - Kirstie C

"I have 2 children in the football camp and they are absolutely loving it! They both like football in the park but I signed them both up for different reasons. My son finds it hard in new settings and surroundings but the coaches are so super friendly he hasn't thought twice about it. My daughter is an outdoorsy and active girl, spending time indoors doesn't always suit her. This camp is allowing her 4 hours of exercise for body and mind 3 times a week over the summer holiday." - Danielle M

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