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Our Story

The foundation was founded in 2021 during the pandemic, after witnessing the growing number of young people developing anxiety and physical morbidities

50% of mental-health concerns start at 14 years. It is imperative we address it early and help young people develop life-skills and healthy lifestyle habits necessary to tackle challenges.

Our team collectively believes that we can help to make a change in the mental and physical well-being of many young people, through the provision of futsal & fitness after-school coaching sessions, holiday camps and through healthy lifestyle education.  

We want our positive impact in the community to be sustainable and long-term by tackling mental health issues. 

Playing team sport in a safe and inclusive environment can play an essential role in building a young person’s self-esteem and confidence. It has also been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and the risks of depression. 

The physical benefits of regularly playing sport include improved cardiovascular health, increased bone density, muscle strengthening and reduced blood pressure. 

In East Sussex and London, we offer holiday fitness and futsal camps, after-school classes and workshops.

We have also designed our very own educational booklet, designed to educate young people on diet and nutrition, how to tackle anxiety, how to make life-long friendships and screen-time hygiene. 

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